In this article, I briefly touch on climate change concepts, paradigms and challenges of urban climate action and also the Importance of cities and the role of urban planners/designers/ policymakers in confronting climate change

: greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation, climate change mitigation, land-use change, design interventions, Water Sensitive Urban Design, organizational infrastructures, low-carbon and energy-efficient solutions, green and blue infrastructure, urban heat island effect, decarbonisation, Paris Agreement, policy mechanisms and financial incentives, synergies between planning and policy-making processes


From the beginning of industrialization caused by the invention of the steam engine, the development of the last 200 years is closely linked to the use of fossil fuels. And this is causing massive environmental problems. Both, the increasing energy demand and the focus of energy supply on fossil fuels have caused a tremendous increase in “greenhouse gas emissions” over the last one hundred years. In the US for example, more than 50 % of the total energy demand is related to “thermal comfort”. That means heating of buildings, cooling of buildings and the provision of warm water. …


Today the city stands out as hubs of commerce, transportation, communication and flow of finance. Overlapping and intersecting flows of ideas, knowledge, people, money, goods and services into an expanding global network of exchange.

The future will be urban for a majority of people, the solution of the greatest issues facing humans_poverty, climate change, health care, education_must be found in city life. Traditional urban development solutions, although they need a lot of time and investment, cannot be the exact way of dealing with metropolitan challenges related to mobility, density, safety, pollution, climate, environmental protection, etc. …


If you love cities, you must try harder

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